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“I am so excited!  I am compelled to tell everyone about what has been happening to me since I have started taking CALORAD.  Three days into the product I noticed a four pound loss and my pants were a little loose on me.  Four days later, I lost four more pounds and I had to keep pulling my pants up, even with my belt on tight.  Two and a half weeks since I started, WOW! I had lost only nine pounds but my pants were so big on me that for the fun of it I put on an old pair of pants size 34 that I couldn’t get past my hips just a few months ago.  They went on very tight, so I decided to measure my waist.  Since I was weighing every day I thought I should document my waist size also.  I couldn’t believe it.  38 inches???  I asked my wife how many inches she thought I lost from my waist and she said at least 4 to 6 inches!!  If I lost 4 to 6 inches and my waist was 36, how could my waist now be 38?  My wife had that glazed over look in her eyes and answered, “honey, I have been buying you size 42 pants and I have been taking off the labels so you wouldn’t feel bad.”  So…I went from a size 42 to a 36 in just two and a half weeks…and I don’t believe anything my wife tells me anymore.  I am diabetic and couldn’t keep my blood sugar levels in check no matter what I did, but now by glucose readings are so low my doctor took me off Glucophage, which I was taking three times a day.  Two weeks later he cut my Glipizide from 20MG a day to 5MG.  My blood pressure has lowered over 15 points and my doctor said if it gets any lower he will take me off of the Procardia XL, which I take for high blood pressure. I feel so strong and so full of energy.  I’m getting up before the alarm every morning and because I don’t get tired I go to bed about two to three hours later than I usually do, putting about five more hours of productive time into my day.  I love this product!!!”

                                                                                                Bernard Auslander, Los Angeles, CA

            “Having been a vegetarian for 15 years, I was always surprised that weight keep creeping up on me.  But since my former active job became a sedentary one and I couldn’t do intense meat/protein diets, the only thing I tried was will power and that just wasn’t working.  I was 129 pounds when I got married in 1952.  Now at age 65, I don’t discuss my weight, but it was excessive.  Then a friend I hadn’t seen in a very long time called all excited about Calorad.  She and her husband came by and talked non-stop with incredible enthusiasm.  I went to a Ted Brooks meeting on October 15 and joined up right away.  I lost 5 pounds and 5 inches and then gained it back.  The next time I measured again I was down once more.  Now I’ve lost 7 pounds and 14 inches and my recurrent back pain is gone.  I’m spreading the word as fast as I can.  I feel so good and I’m more determined than ever.  I feel so confident that even if I hit one more of those deadly plateaus, I know I’ll stay with .”                                                                                                Donna  


          “It’s been four months since I started on Calorad.  It wasn’t so much that I needed to lose weight, but I was sort of pear shaped, with small breasts and larger hips.  I sit at a console station doing my radio show all day, so I don’t get to exercise the way I used to – bike riding three times a week.  Now I’m lucky if I get out once a week.  Yet I’m much more toned, with harder muscles than I ever had.  I don’t watch the scale.  I think they keep you from losing body fat because you get so hung up on the weight.  Since I wasn’t watching, I didn’t realize how well I was doing, except I felt so good.  My muscles were definitely toning up.  My breasts are fuller and better shaped, my rear smaller and tighter and my legs are reshaped, with the cellulite all but unnoticeable.  My producer says that every week he sees me looking better and better.  The hyper-critical guy I used to go out with saw me and had to admit that I really had firmed up in all the soft spots he used to criticize.  I finally realized what was going on when I sat in Indian fashion for the first time in along time and really saw my legs and how they had shaped up.  My skin tone has improved, it’s not crepey like it used to be.  And even though this is a totally effective inch loss and weight loss and muscle building product, I have to say that my immune system is extremely effective since I began taking it. I got over a cold in just two days.  I also took a bad spill at the tanning salon and the bruise, which would have been huge and taken two weeks to clear up before, is tiny and almost gone in one day.  I recommend Calorad to most of the listeners who call into my radio show.”                                                                                                Carla Baron, Los Angeles, CA  


“I’m one of Carla’s clients and I can only say that, although I’ve not lost much weight, I’m very pleased with the inches I’ve lost.  My jeans are too big,…I’ve lost in the hips, derriere, bust and across my back.  I don’t know how much I’ll lose, but I’m sticking with Calorad.”                                                                                                Chantal Flores, Los Angeles, CA 


               After many years playing yoyo with my weight, (20 diets in the last 15 years), I found every time I did one I got heavier.  Then a friend suggested Calorad.  I was very skeptical about this claim that I would build muscle and lose weight while I slept.  But I said I would try.  After three days I felt like I was in training for  body building.  After 1½ weeks I lost 1½ inches off my waist.  I was two pounds heavier.  Now, after 7 months, I’ve lost 3” off my waist, added another 2” to my shoulders and 1½” to my chest.  I feel like dynamite.  On the scale I’m back exactly to the same when I started, 207.  I don’t recognize myself in the mirror.  I carry a picture of myself from before and I ask people to guess how much weight I’ve lost.  They always think it’s 30-40 or 50 pounds.  When I started I was so skeptical I bought just ½ a bottle.  My wife wanted to try it too.  Two of us with half a bottle.  While I was changing shape, my wife was very happy. She used to wake up with a headache every morning, but with Calorad it was gone. After one week we were out of product.  When we got down to the last portion, we had a little fight.  I won.  I was the one considering the business and I had to prove it so I could sell it.  I took the last portion.  The next morning my wife woke up with a headache.  She told me to get a whole bottle.  I knew it was a business opportunity I could not miss.  I bought five bottles and became an associate.  Today I quit my job and became a full-time distributor.  This week I will e presenting Calorad to 150 people coming from all over the province.”                                                                                                Guy Michaud, Montreal QC 


        I probably first need to say that I am one of the most skeptical people around about claims made by all these different products that they will make you happy and healthy and bring world peace, etc., and if there is someone more skeptical, I would not want to meet them.  Anyway, the reason I first tried Calorad was because Doug said it would help carpal tunnel syndrome, which I don't actually have, but I type for a living as a medical transcriptionist and my hands and wrists would hurt and I would have to take frequent breaks to give them a rest or to do some exercises.  I never believed that it would help me lose weight in my sleep, because obviously that couldn’t be true.  I should also say that I ignored the repeated statements about it helping my wrists, because I did not think that was possible, but Doug is tenacious and I finally decided that I would try it for a month or two and see if it helped, because the soreness in my hands was not going away from week to week, but was increasing.  I tried it for about a month and began to notice that my hands and wrists were not hurting as much and I rarely needed those breaks anymore.  I have taken it now for 3 months, my wrists no longer hurt at all and also the pain I would get in my shoulders from working at the computer all day completely resolved.  An outstanding benefit for me was that since I was no longer stopping work due to sore wrists, I began making much more money, since I am paid by piecework and not by the hour.  On my last paycheck, it was as if I had received a $5 an hour raise and I believe this is still increasing, so my opinion is that Calorad gave me a raise!  Oh, and as a side point, since starting Calorad, I have lost 10 pounds




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